Inspect Vehicles Duty

The certified program for inspecting rental vehicles Car Rental Software

Evaluations system:

After the return of the vehicle the car rental company has to close the transaction and to do that the employee has to evaluate the customer choosing between three options; Otherwise, the employee will not be able to close the transaction.

  1. Green: Recommended to deal with.
  2. Yellow: Average Customer, for example: the car was overdue or there was some damage to the vehicle.
  3. Red: Unsatisfied Recommendation, for example: the renter did not return the car, didn't pay the rent or had an accident.

Note: When choosing the yellow or red option the employee has to add a comment specifying the reason behind the chosen option.

This evaluation is mandatory and you can delete the record only after the tenant has been evaluated. “We ensure that all rental offices evaluate their tenants.”

when creating a new transaction and after entering the customer license number an evaluation from other car rental companies will appear.