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    What is IVduty?

    Does IVduty issuing bills?

    How to add branches:

    Evaluations system:

    How To Use The App?


What is IVduty?

IVduty is a vehicle condition recording App which takes vehicle photos and uploads your customer’s signature to record the true condition of your fleet.

Does IVduty issuing bills?

No,   IVduty does not have a billing system or accounting system; it is an evaluation system and damage recording system, which saves the rights of both the rental company and its customers.

How to add branches:

  • When subscribing to IVduty, you will have the ability to add users to your application from the manager's page on Before adding them, you must create the name of the branch and register its data, then add the employee to the branch you created, this system allows employees to organize their work easily and for tenants to contact the branch Easily search, the branch number is the one issued in the sent mail and not the main office number, which makes it easier for you to communicate with the tenants
  • Open the website and then open your account, create the branch and add employees to it.

  • Evaluations system:

    After the return of the vehicle the car rental company has to close the transaction and to do that the employee has to evaluate the customer choosing between three options; Otherwise, the employee will not be able to close the transaction.

    1. Green: Recommended to deal with.
    2. Yellow: Average Customer, for example: the car was overdue or there was some damage to the vehicle.
    3. Red: Unsatisfied Recommendation, for example: the renter did not return the car, didn't pay the rent or had an accident.

    Note: When choosing the yellow or red option the employee has to add a comment specifying the reason behind the chosen option.

    This evaluation is mandatory and you can delete the record only after the tenant has been evaluated. “We ensure that all rental offices evaluate their tenants.”

    when creating a new transaction and after entering the customer license number an evaluation from other car rental companies will appear.

    How To Use The App?

    IVduty App is an online App which you can't use without internet, If you lose your connection while inspection your data will not be uploaded to IVduty servers.

    1. App license Search: Starting with applying your client license number if you find it check evaluation if you don’t Click “ADD NEW CUSTOMER”.
    2. Evaluations system: After clicking on the right black icon on the previous you will be able to check you customer evolutions by other rental companies.
    3. Transaction form: After clicking on your client name you should start filling transaction form then click Take photos.
    4. Car Photo Records: Start taking photos and Forget handwritten inspections. Upload them to the cloud, Then click SIGNATURE.
    5. Signature: After client signing Click OK then Click VIEW
    6. Transaction form review: If all information are correct click save and will be uploaded to IVduty cloud servers.
    7. Transaction form review: You can review your vehicle before closing transaction by clicking on HISTORY tab.
    8. Reporting to Management: You can report to your management any new damages on vehicle.

    Note: Please Note That IVduty does not have billing system or accounting system it is an evaluation system and damage recording system. Taking vehicle photos and customer signature to record the true condition of your fleet. which save the rights of both rental company and their customers. IVduty considered as a support system for any other rental software.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is Ivduty better than the phone camera?
    Once taken by ivduty photos are saved in a secured cloud server where no modifications can be made to them; therefore, no more disputes with your customers.
    What devices are compatible with Ivduty?
    All android devices supported, IOS underdevelopment.
    I can't use IVduty camera!
    Open Android Settings - Tap Apps & notifications -Tap Ivduty app to update - Tap Permissions - Turn ON.
    How to add a new app user?
    Ask your IVduty Top manager to activate your device.
    Do I need  username and password to use the application?
    No, To use the app you will need the activation code.
    How to get the activation code for the app?
    To get activation code click cPanel - General information - Partners Register Devices - The Blue add button or ask your IVduty Top manager to active your device. 
    How many company branches Can IVduty manage ?
    IVduty can connect unlimited number of branches all together under one account, without any problem.
    Are all records shared by all my company branches?
    Information from one branch is shared by all branches; therefore, a rented vehicle can be handed in to any of your branches.
    Is my customers evaluation visible for all IVduty subscribers?
    Yes, IVduty is designed to share data between all companies in real time without any delay.
    How long does the evaluation process take?
    Less than TEN seconds.
    If the internet connection is lost, can I check the car?
    No, internet connection is mandatory to check the car.